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Every time I think that I’m finally over southern stereotypes…

they aren’t stereotypes they are reality life is a cruel joke



i may seem like an angry person on the surface but deep inside im actually angrier


Emma Watson represents the UN, in her role as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, in Uruguay where she was campaigning for a higher representation of women in politics.

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drowsystudent asked: Hey Katie! I'm a junior and I'm starting to look into possible colleges I want to go to. How do you recommend starting my college list? I have a general idea of what I want to study, but not exactly. Thanks for the help :)

Hey there! I love searching for colleges. I love everything about the process. There are so many options and that can be really daunting, but I love the idea of it. Here are some good things to figure out while starting your college list:

  1. Size. The size of a school is so, so important. If you hate lecture halls or huge crowds, don’t go to a big school. If you love the idea of meeting new people every day for four years, don’t go to a small school. Usually (but not always) a smaller student body will mean more student-teacher interaction, discussion-based classes, and a very strong sense of community. But larger schools attract some people because they might have more resources and academic offerings and they are more likely to have Division I sports (if that’s important to you).
  2. Location. To me, this means two things: physical location and campus setting. For some people location isn’t a big deal and they don’t really care where their school is. Other people want to be in a certain part of the country or a certain distance from home. Setting is something I think people really overlook. If you love cities, would you really be content with spending four years in the middle of nowhere? If you hate noise, would you really want to walk to class in an urban center? Figure out where you feel happiest and try to find schools with that general type of setting.
  3. Major. You said you already figured this one out, which is great, but I thought I’d mention it anyways. Make sure that all the schools on your list offer your major or, if you’d be okay with it, offer a design-your-own-major program. A school can be perfect but if they don’t offer the degree you want, then there’s no point in applying.
  4. Money. If money is an issue for you, take it into consideration. Apply to schools that meet full need, have 100% grant-based financial aid, or are just cheap. For some people that means applying to public schools, but keep in mind that many public schools are as expensive as private schools for out-of-state students and don’t always have the best financial aid.
  5. Miscellaneous stuff that matters to you. For me, this means having a high graduation rate (less than 3/4 of a freshman class graduating on-time is a major red flag) and having a high percentage of students living on-campus (just because I like the idea of it). For other people it might mean having a certain club or sport, or having sports at a certain level. It could be having all-girl’s dorms available or having a Greek Life system or offering credit for IB classes.

So my biggest advice: take a list of stuff that you want from a school and arrange them from most to least important.  Figure out what you need from a college, what you want, and what you’re maybe willing to compromise on. Also talk to your parents about what’s important to them in a school and go from there! Try using college board’s search engine and then research a college’s website to see if you like it. Also try talking to your guidance counselor about specific schools, because they might know something about them. Good luck :) 

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[argues about social justice instead of doing homework]

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OR MAYBE we could stop acting like rightfully bitter reactions to centuries of oppression are at all comparable to that oppression itself :~)

Or maybe we could stop calling discriminating against someone else “rightful” just because you’re more oppressed than them

OR MAYBE we could stop acting as though a minority person snapping at their oppressor over the internet is remotely similiar to fearing for your life on a daily basis!!!! sometimes people are rude. that’s not the same as systematic murder. crazy, i know, take ur time,

"Their oppressor"
Because being of the same skin color/gender/sexuality of their oppressor automatically means that they oppress them. That’s totally not generalization at all.

Unfortunately, society does not see everyone as equal. However, that does not make what you are defending okay.

Also, it’s funny how you assume my skin color/gender/sexuality simply because I disagree with your viewpoint.

Don’t get me wrong though, straight white males who say that straight white males are the most misunderstood and oppressed people on earth are also idiots.

Because I have yet to meet a white/straight/cis/male person that has NEVER said something offensive about POC/queer/trans/female people. People in oppressive groups oppress in big ways and small ways whether they intend to or not. I am defending my right, as a queer girl living in a queerphobic part of the world, to occasionally make dumb generalizations about the group that oppresses me as a coping mechanism. 

Whether or not something contributes to the murder and opression of a minority group mattersA gay girl on the internet dealing with her inner turmoil at the expense of a straight person’s self-centeredness is not the same as a gay girl wondering if she’s going to be killed for who she is. Sure, saying rude things is rude. You got me there. But it’s not the same as contributing to the rape, murder, and oppression of millions of people. Acting as though racism and sexism and homophobia are merely examples of ‘rudeness’ is an incredibly dangerous mindset to have.



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Pride & Prejudice (2005) + Photoshop

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